Show Your Work- Austin Kleon

SHOW YOUR WORK- Austin Kleon

This book fell into my life at the perfect time.
I have been in and out of a creative rut for longer than I care to admit. All the ideas are in my head and all the projects have been started, approved and sent off. But without any real documentation of the process, I am left feeling like I have accomplished nothing.

SHOW YOUR WORK but Austin Kleon is written with a effective simplicity that cuts out all the over thinking. Just share your work. Thats it. Focus on what you want to share and find an outlet for it. Your outlet could be anything, but I am choosing a blog. In a past life I kept a blog for years that documented my life in the fashion industry. When I left that career path, I abandoned that ritual. Looking back I can see how valuable it was. Not only could others see what I was working on, but it also served as motivation for me. The ability to scroll back to see my progress and collection of projects inspires me to keep going, to see what else I can accomplish, to see what else I can share.

As a creator, sometimes just starting feels like such a burden. But as soon as you start and start stacking work one piece at a time you realize what you are really capable of.

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